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My understanding on different developments

 There are 3 types of Web Developments that I've worked on,

 and in this blog I'll be talking about those 3 developments

  • MERN Stack Development
  • API Development
  • Django Development

MERN Stack Development:

This is the development that can be used for Single Page Application (SPA). SPA helps in faster loading of dynamic contents performing client-side rendering. It uses AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) which does the server-side rendering in the backend so that user gets the experience of single page website rather than jumping on different pages for loading contents.
React.js which is a very vast library of JavaScript is used for the frontend here.
Node.js is used for server-side scripting which follows MVC (Model View Controller) structure and MongoDB, a NOSql document based database is used in backend.
Express.js is used in backend for server-side logic and providing tools and functionalities to ease the development.

API Development:

Application Programming Language (API) is used for communication between Frontend to Backend or Backend to Backend.
For better understanding, let's assume you have a frontend ready and in backend you have some functions that interacts with database and returns some value. Now you want to display that value on the frontend. This is where APIs step in. API is like a url which you can call from anywhere. So for our assumption, we will call this url from our frontend and in the backend, whenever this route(url) is called, it will execute the defined function and then returned value can be send in response back to the frontend.
API development can be done in any backend technologies like Node.js, Django, Flask, etc. APIs are not specifically just for web development but once the API is created, it can be used anywhere, even in app development or any other software development.
APIs also connect backend to backend like suppose i want to build a weather application, I don't have a satellite of my own and I'm definitely not planning to buy one yet. So i'll just use the APIs that are already available like Google's Weather API. I can directly call it in the frontend but if I want to manipulate or filter out some data as well, I'll just call it in the backend, perform some operations on data and will send it back as a response to the frontend.

Django Development:

Django is a Python Framework which follows MVT (Model View Template) structure. Django is used for applications where you don't want to waste time on development from the scratch. Django provides high-level abstraction that means code reusability is very high, it provides boiler plates for easy and fast development. It provides ORM (Object Relationship Model) for easy connectivity and handle of database. It supports full stack development and mostly used in content management systems and e-commerce projects. 
Here Template lets you write python in Html and View acts as a interface between Model and Template. All the navigating is done through urls, which is why file plays a crucial role in django development.
Django can be used just for backend development as well, where we want to create API in Django and we can use it in frontend. Sqlite3 is the default setup for database but with doing some configuration changes we can use any other databases as well.